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Learn more about My Cavalier Pups

We at My Cavalier Pups want to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We are located in a rural area of central Ohio, our roots go deep here and we love the community we live in. My name is Lee, my wife Clara and I have been married for 14 years and were blessed with a little son in the fall of 2020.  We enjoy meeting people and we have a passion for the King Charles Cavalier breed for the fun-loving and great family companionship they provide. Raising Cavalier puppies and connecting families with a new pet have become a great niche for our little family.

Sincerely Our Pleasure,
Lee & Clara
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About My cavalier pups

To learn more about how we raise our King Charles Cavalier puppies right here in Central Ohio, check out this video. You'll get to know us and see some great videos of our puppies. You'll even get an explanation of how puppy reservation here on our website works and how delivery to your doorstep works as well.
About Us

Why Choose A King Charles Cavalier Puppy?

We loved the Cavalier King Charles long before we started raising them. We think they are one of the best dog breeds and make wonderful pets. They're not only loving and gentle, but also smart, intuitive, and easy to train. They are wonderful with children due to their patient nature and very easy to get along with even with very young children.
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Who We Are?

My wife Clara and I have been married for 14 years and were blessed with a son in the fall of 2020. When our son was born we wanted to do something that he could be involved in at a young age. With my love for animals and also a strong desire for relationships, we saw the opportunity to serve others by providing them with the amazing companionship a puppy can provide. Our goal is to find great homes for our puppies and see them live for many healthy years. Health and care are something we take pride in and work hard to ensure each puppy and adult dog is taken care of with love unconditionally.

What People Have to say about us

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions many of our puppy parents have. We'll try to answer them here...
Can you deliver my puppy?
We sure can! We can deliver your puppy right to your door almost anywhere in the US in a special puppy delivery coach. Prices range from $400-$600 depending on your location.
Can I pick up my puppy?
Of course! We're located in northeast Ohio not far from several major airports. You are welcome to fly or drive and we'll meet you with your new puppy.
How do I reserve a puppy?
You can reserve a puppy right here on our website! You'll only need to pay a $199 reservation deposit with the remaining adoption fee due at pickup or before delivery.

Step 1: Click Available Puppies in the menu and find a puppy you like.
Step 2: Click on the puppy to see more pictures and videos.
Step 3: Click the "Reserve Me Now" button and fill out the adoption form.
How do I know you're not a scam?
Unfortunately, there are scammers that pose as puppy breeders to steal hard-earned money. One way to detect scammers is to ask for kennel registration documents and vet records of the puppy you are considering. We also encourage phone calls so we can answer any questions you might have and give you contact information for other families who have adopted puppies from us.
What about puppy mills?
Puppy mill is a term that's a bit hard to define because it's not an official term used by the FDA (which sets guidelines for puppy breeders). We define puppy mills as any breeder that raises puppies in substandard conditions and places profits over the welfare of the puppies. We are a family breeder who loves working with Cavaliers and can assure you our puppies are well cared for. We don't like puppy mills either.
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Find the Perfect Cavalier For You

Cavalier King Charles puppies are some of the most adorable and loving dogs you will find. Let's help you find the perfect Cavalier puppy and arrange adoption and delivery today.
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